The file package includes a set of comprehensive services to simplify your rental experience.

– The entry and exit inventory is carefully carried out to ensure accurate documentation of the initial and final condition of the property.
– Drafting of the rental contract is supported, with the possibility of electronic signature for a quick and efficient procedure.
– Supply of bed linen and towels, ensuring optimal comfort upon your arrival.
– Arrival kit.
– Finally, departure cleaning is included, allowing you to leave the apartment without worry, while benefiting from a clean and well-maintained environment.
– Administrative completion of housing assistance application (CAF)
– Help with purchasing home insurance.

These services aim to facilitate your installation and make your stay pleasant in your new living space in Marseille.


To rent a shared accommodation, please ensure you gather the following documents:

1- Registration on visale.fr : It is necessary to register on visale.fr to obtain a rental guarantee. This service is completely free and offers financial protection in the event of unpaid rent.

2- Identity document (or passport) : Provide a copy of your identity document or passport.

3- Signed rental contract : The rental contract, established between the owner and the roommates, must be signed by all parties involved.

4- Security deposit of 500€ : A security deposit of 500€ is required and must be paid before entering the premises. This amount is generally refundable at the end of the rental agreement, subject to the property being in good condition.

5- payment of 1 rent before entering the premises.

Ensuring you provide these documents will help make the rental process easier.